The Jet

  • Complimentary free wifi
  • Sacramento's only charter Cessna
    Citation XLS+
  • Flies above the weather
  • Lands where other planes can't - at thousands of airports not accessible by airlines or larger charter jets
  • Fully enclosed lavatory
Pacific Jet Charter interior layout


  • The aircraft is equipped with state of the art avionics, including:
    • Color radar with turbulence detection mode
    • Traffic avoidance
    • Enhanced ground proximity warning systems

  • The aircraft and crew are certified to use the lowest GPS/LNAV approach minimums, thus allowing access to thousands of airports not served by airlines (in all types of weather conditions).

  • The Citation XLS+ boasts excellent range and payload capacity. A spacious cabin, with standup aisle height of 68”, features seating for 9 passengers and 800 pounds of external luggage capacity.

  • The aircraft is configured with club seating for 4 passengers, 2 individual forward-facing seats, a side-facing couch that seats 2 plus a 9th seat opposite the lavatory.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Specifications